Wednesday, 30 November 2011


Our students have been learning about food, cutlery… and here are three different power points (ppts) about it. Check their knowledge with the following questions:

  •  Is a lettuce a fruit? Is a lettuce a vegetable? A lettuce is a…
  • Does an apple come from a plant or an animal? From…
  • Which food comes from animals?
  • What food can you see in the picture?
  • What do you use to eat soup? A _____ and a _____.
  • What do you use to drink water? I use a glass to drink water.
  • What is good for you? A _____ is good for me.
  • What is bad for you? A _____ is bad for me.
  • What is the odd one out in this group: cheese, milk, tomato and yoghurt? Tomato
 I hope it helps you as parents/teachers or students.

 Just click the picture and a ppt will be opened in a new page:

Where does food come from? - Food from animals and plants.
What is this? This is a dairy cow - Food from animals.
What food comes from this plant? - Food from plants.

Regards, Christopher.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011


Students at 3rd Cycle (5th and 6th level of Primary Education) have learnt this song. If you want to do the same. Just click on the picture and download the worksheet and print it. You have to fill the gaps with the words in the square. Also, you can sing the song using the link below or playing the video.

As you know, I have been in Worcester and I have been disconnected from the blog. I am sorry, but I am here again. I am glad to come. 

Regards, Christopher.

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