Sunday, 24 October 2010


     Hello friends!
     Thanks a lot for your descriptions. They are ok, but there are several mistakes you should change. Now, I’m going to introduce myself following the example given in class:

     Hello! I am Cristóbal Ángel. I am 25 years old. I am middle-aged. I am handsome. I am tall and fat. My face is round. My eyes are small and brown. I have got short and blond hair. I have got a small nose and my ears are small too. My lips are thin and I wear glasses.

     I hope it helps you. See you tomorrow!

     Your teacher, Cristóbal


  1. Our school´s name is Las Lomas,localet in Águilas,Murcia(spain).the school was founded in i.992.there are thity-two(32)teachers and 420 students(boys and girls).Our school is nice and big.
    My teachers are: Mrs Clara María García,my tutor teacher, Mrs Noelia Martínez, My music teacher, Mr Juan Antonio Piñero, my P.E. teacher, Mrs Isabel, my religion teacher, and Mr Cristóbal Ángel Alonso, my English teacher.

    By Marisol García Vera. 4º A

  2. Hello Spanish team'
    Good job ! You are really gifted, Cornelia


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