Sunday, 27 March 2011

Welcome to London!!!

Hello again dear friends!

Here you are a video about the capital of England: LONDON.

London is the capital of England and of the United Kingdom. It was founded by the Romans in 43 A.D. Its name derives from Londinium.

Today it represents a very important centre for culture, business and tourism. There you can find many shops, banks, insurance companies and some of the best theatres and museums in the world.

It is a cosmopolitan city, many people from different nationalities live and work there. London has got a population of 6.5 million inhabitants and is the biggest city in Britain and in Europe.

I hope you like it, because it is very interesting. Maybe, in a future, you travel to London and you can visit: The Tower Bridge, St. Paul Cathedral,
Trafalgar Square

Your teacher and friend, Mr. Alonso

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