Tuesday, 20 September 2011


Students at 6th level are going to develop this wonderful project.
Each partner has a box where children decide what is relevant about themselves, their hobbies and passions, their school, their city to put inside. The boxes travel among the partners and each time they arrive in a school, students add works and ideas. At the end of project each school will have a box with memories from different countries, included a guide book of the school town.

Aleksandra Rusak, Elwira Morawiec- Bartczak and Agata Łuszczyna, Emilia Nielepko, Magdalena Wójcicka (Poland), Cristina Noaghiu (Rumania), Michela Fontana (Italy), Minka Mincheva (Bulgary), Urška Glavan (Eslovenia), özlem korkut (Turkey), Αlexandra Μichalopoulou (Greece) and me are the partners. You can download the draft of the project clicking on the picture. 

Regards, Christopher.

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