Wednesday, 14 March 2012


Today, Wednesday 14, students 3rd Cycle (5th and 6th Level of Primary Education) and teachers have visited Los Millares. It deals with our School Project (Centro de Interés): “Una mirada a la Prehistoria” “Looking at the Prehistory” Students liked this School trip and got fun remembering what they learnt in their lessons with their teachers. But, what are “Los Millares”? Have a look at the pictures and read the brief article. Regards, Christopher.
Los Millares is the name of a Chalcolithic occupation site 17 km north of Almería, in the municipality of Santa Fe de Mondújar, Andalusia, Spain. The complex was in use from the end of the fourth millennium to the end of the second millennium before Christ and probably supported somewhere around 1000 people. It was discovered in 1891 during the course of the construction of a railway and was first excavated by Luis Siret in the succeeding years. Further excavation work continues today. The 5 acre (2ha) site consists of three concentric lines of stone walls, the outer ring the largest, running more than 650 feet with nineteen 'bastions' and a gate guarded by foreworks. The road to the site is guarded by four smaller outlying stone forts. There is an extensive cemetery of eighty passage grave tombs.

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