Saturday, 15 December 2012


Unit 4.- Keeping Healthy


If you have a headache, take an aspirin.
If you have a broken arm, have an X-ray.
If you have a fever, take your temperature.
If you have a stomachache, go to the doctor.
You should eat a lot of fruit and vegetables.
You should eat a lot of food from the cereals group.
You shouldn’t eat too many sweet things.
You shouldn’t eat too much butter, meat or cheese.
You should have a bath or a shower every day.
You should brush your teeth after every meal.
You should wash your hands before you eat or touch food.
Being clean helps to prevent diseases.
Carbohydrates give us energy.
Proteins help you to grow.
Fats give us energy.
Vitamins help us to be healthy.
Some healthy habits: Do exercise, drink lots of water, brush your teeth… To keep healthy you should wash, exercise and sleep a lot.
Study and remember. Regards, Christopher.

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