Thursday, 8 May 2014


  • The EU is recognisable by several symbols, the most well-known being the circle of yellow stars on a blue background. 
  • The European flag. The 12 stars in a circle symbolise the ideals of unity, solidarity and harmony among the peoples of Europe. 
  • The European anthem.  The melody used to symbolise the EU comes from the Ninth Symphony composed in 1823 by Ludwig Van Beethoven. 
  • Europe Day. The ideas behind the European Union were first put forward on 9 May 1950 by French foreign minister Robert Schuman. This is why 9 May is celebrated as a key date for the EU

  • The EU motto "United in diversity" is the motto of the European Union. It signifies how Europeans have come together, in the form of the EU, to work for peace and prosperity, while at the same time being enriched by the continent's many different cultures, traditions and languages.
Wide your knowledge. Just play and learn. Click the pictures and discover different countries from yours. I hope you like them. Regards, Christopher.

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