Friday, 27 February 2015


Dear students, families and friends:

We are studying the parts of the plants (they have got roots, a stem, leaves, flowers or fruits) in Natural Science. Here you are some interesting sentences we have learned about them:

Plants, animals and people are living things.
Plants need air, water, soil and sunlight.
They grow, feed, reproduce and die.
Plants have roots, a stem and leaves. Many plants have flowers and fruit.
Plants are very useful. Oxigen, food, wood and perfume come from plants.
First, the seed grows into a plant. Next, the plant feeds. It needs soil, water, air and sunlight. Then, the plant reproduces. A new plant grows. Finally, the plant dies.

And, of course, I have uploaded the PowerPoint I have done for my lessons and the video. Just click the pictures and a new tab will open.

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