Friday, 24 April 2015


 Hello again dear students, parents and friends:

Here you are some videos and games I found on the Internet. You can review the main facts of  materials: if they are flexible, transparent, strong or waterproof, you can group them according to the materials they are made of (metal, glass, iron, wool, wood, paper, plastic...) and learn the three R's (reduce, reuse and recycle). 

Each country recycles in a different way but with the same aim "the three R's". Here, in Spain, we use different bins for each material.

For example, we recycle at school using different coloured bins:
The blue bin is for paper and cardboard.
The yellow bin is for plastic and metal.
The green bin is for glass.
The black bin is for organic.

In Peppa's video, you can appreciate that they use red for paper, blue for cans and green for glass.

I hope it will be useful for you. Regards, Christopher.

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