Tuesday, 12 May 2015


Hello again dear friends:

We are studying the machines in Natural Science. We know the fact that there are many machines, such as scissors, vacuum cleaners, spades, projectors... They are divided into simple and complex machines and they can be manual or automatic. 

We use machines to work, travel and play.
  • Some machines are simple, such as scissors. Simple machines are made up of few pieces. They use human energy.
  • Other machines are complex, such as a bicycle. Complex machines are made up of many pieces. They use human energy, electricity or petrol to work.
  • Computers are complex machines. We use computers to do many things, for example, to write, to draw, to play games, to watch videos, to listen to music and to surf the Internet. Computers have many parts, for instance, the CPU, the screen, the keyboard, the mouse, the mouse mat and the printer.

In this post, you have five pictures to different activities (listening, reading, spelling…). Remember, just click the pictures and enjoy them.

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