Thursday, 5 January 2012


Students (4th level A), played this Christmas story “The Little Christmas Spider”. It is full of characters (something for every kid) and it’s intertwined with kids´ rhymes and songs. This story shows that every single creature in the world has a purpose, regardless of the way it looks, and it’s a bit old-fashioned, being based on traditional Christmas world tales.

The little spider Itsy Bitsy lived on a little farm. She didn’t like winter, because snow always broke his webs. Itsy Bitsy lives all alone. She had no family and no friends. And why? All because the other animals thought she was ugly and scary. But this is a special day for Itsy Bitsy. His life is going to change...

I hope you like the video, because all my students got fun while playing the story. Thanks a lot dear students and families: Mario (cow), Marta A (girl)., Armando (snowflake), Sebastián (donkey), Natalia (Itsy Bitsy Spider), Damián (bird), María G. (sheep), Sergio (bear), María J. (narrator), María L. (Mary), Andrea (snowman), Alejandro (Joseph), José (boy), Paula (fly), Isabel (narrator), Gabriela (rabbit), Daniela (fly) and Irene (snowflake).

Regards, Christopher.

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