Wednesday, 11 January 2012


What are they doing?

Students (4th level) are learning the structure of “Present Continuous”. They have learnt the structure of these sentences: SUBJECT + VERB TO BE + VERB + ING + COMPLEMENTS.

They have done the worksheet on the right. The answers, if you want to practise, are:
  1. He is eating chocolate.
  2. He is playing computer games.
  3. He is cooking a roast chicken.
  4. He is playing football.
  5. She is playing the guitar.
  6. She is driving a car.
  7. She is doing exercise.
  8. She is singing.
  9. He is walking
  10. He is eating a carrot.
  11. She is feeding the cat.
  12. She is reading a book.
 I hope it can help you in order to learn the structure of this kind of sentences. Regards, Christopher.

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